Vanya VonTickles, CEO
Ignaz “Nacho” Schwinn, the Mustachioed One
Owen Lloyd, Owner
Mike Okelman, On Bass
Chris Regan, VW Bus Fixer
Marco Gutierrez, El Countador

10 thoughts on “Staff

  1. bluecity Post author

    We’re thinking that it’s Zelda. That or Earthworm Jim.

  2. Ricardo Cervantes

    I was wondering if you sold used tires and tubes that still work and if you do how much will each one cost?

  3. bluecity Post author

    We don’t sell used tires or tubes. You can have as many used tubes as you’d like for free, but there are no guarantees that they can be patched (although most can).

  4. bluecity Post author

    You’ll have to come in and find out yourself!

  5. bluecity Post author

    Nah, bro. We do huck gaps, tho, kween.

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