Labor = $60/hr

Estimates are free! Bring it in and we can diagnose the problem(s) and let you know how much it’ll be to fix.

We offer steel frame fabrication and repair work from two very competent local frame builders. Each bike tends to be a bit different, so call or bring it in for a quote.

We also offer S&S Coupling installs for steel/CroMo bikes.  Stop in or email for a quote.

10 thoughts on “Services

  1. Kyle Suratte


    I ride for a shop in Mchenry IL called The Bike Haven. I also work as a TIG welder and metal fabricator. I was just wondering if you guys were open to sharing some frame building lessons. I have my own welder, gas, and basic hand tools. I just want to get a chance to work with someone who’s a little more familiar with frame tooling and jigs. I’m not looking to make money, just wanna build a couple frames at home for fun.



  2. Bryan

    Do you do (or know someone who does) blasting and powder coating?

  3. bluecity Post author

    Usually $70. Every bike is different though, so bring it in for a free estimate.

  4. bluecity Post author

    $70/110/200, come in for a free quote, tho!

  5. Dina

    how much does it cost to assemble a new bike? as in the boxed ones we get from walmart?

  6. bluecity Post author

    Usually around $70. Stop in or call and we can discuss a few more details to get you a more precise estimate

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