Blackstone Bicycle Works, a lovely non-profit in Woodlawn that teaches local kids how to fix bikes:

Bubbly Dynamics/Chicago Center for Sustainable Manufacturing, where some of Bridgeport’s finest boutique manufacturers are housed:

Chicago Couriers Union, for Chicago messengers:

Ciclo Urbano,West Town Bikes retail arm:

Comrade Cycles, For all your northside, gravel racing needs:

Humble Frameworks, a great local framebuilder:

Kitty Squishers, Mike’s hardcore band:

Legacy Frameworks, local frame and furniture builder:

Lloyd Cycles, 1/2 of Blue City’s Brain Trust:

Pedal to the People, a roving bike mechanic who does house calls:

Small Shop, another south side bike shop, in the heart of Bronzeville:

West Town Bikes, a non-profit offering youth and adult classes and used bikes for sale:

Working Bikes Co-operative, a non-profit on the West Side:

Yojimbo’s Garage, a fine shop on the North Side, catering to messengers:

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