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We’re a full service shop on the South side of Chicago, selling new Masi, Haro, Del Sol, Schwinn, GT, Linus, Soma, Surly bikes, and a smattering of used, refurbished bikes.  We had our official grand opening party on March 28th, 2009, one of the crappiest nights that the end of Winter had to offer (we will now be celebrating our year + .25 birthdays, which are in June, a much more BBQ friendly month).  The shop is owned by Owen and Clare, mechanic/frame repairer and bill payer/kitty squisher, respectively.  We also have a crack team of of mechanics, who are some of the best flat fixers and nicest people you’d like to chat with.  We now do powder coating of frames a parts.  Stop in or email for a quote.  We also offer steel frame fabrication and repair, and S&S Coupling installation from a couple of local builders as well.  There is also a very fat shop cat, Vanya.  We love special orders!  Come bring us your broken stuff!

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  2. barbara corton


    I was wondering if you could help direct me. I am not wanting a Linus bike, but in reviewing options of dutch style bikes or from europe or germany I am not finding any place that is in business any longer. I know that Pashley and Simcoe are also available but not interested in those either. I really want to be able to try the bike. Do you have any suggestions. I am really sort of frustrated at this point. I did not want to get it from another state either. Perhaps you know of a place that sells cool used ones or new?

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