Sidewalk Sale

Sidewalk Sale On Sunday, August 24th from 12-5, we will have a Sidewalk Extravaganza, in conjunction with our neighbor Jackalope Coffee and Tea! And by “extravaganza” I mean a table of discounted treasure. Come buy our crap! El Duke in Stock We’ve recently gotten in a small shipment of El Duke degreaser, which is maybe […]

Bags! Hats! Fireworks!

Bags! We have so, so many bags right now. For the rest of July, the backpacks, messenger bags, and panniers will be 15% off. Hats! We also had new hats made, as our model has so fancily demonstrated. $30 and you too can be fancy. Fireworks! Tomorrow being the 4th, we will be closed to […]

Pre-Season Tune Up Special

Ah, Springtime I know, I know, you can’t wait to start hitting mud puddles again on your bike too. Pre-Season Tune Up Special For the rest of March we are offering a $50 tune. Bring your bike in before the rush and get it ready for Spring!